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My daily work

As Associate Professor of Linguistics at the Faculty of Humanities and social sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, I spend most of my time researching on Formal Semantics, Grammar, Computational Linguistics, (Speech/Multimodal) Corpus and Annotation. Examples of topics I find especially interesting are:

  • The relationship between pragmatics, semantics and grammar of natural languages: How does the context influence our way of expressing ideas?
  • The formalization of grammars using current mathematical theories: Can we analyze natural languages with logical rules?
  • The grammar of orality: What do our writing and our speech have in common?
  • Computer mediated communication and the language of the new media. Are we actually speaking differently?

Trying to resolve these problems I have been dealing with other exciting topics such as machine translation, the acoustic features of speech and the transmission of information in multimodal contexts.

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