La moral virtual

The Nether de Jennifer Haley

The Nether es una obra teatral espectacular de Jennifer Haley sobre las responsabilidades morales de los actos cometidos en Internet (en un futuro en el que este ha pasado a llamarse “Nether”). La pieza se estructura en interrogatorios paralelos en los que encontramos perlas como la siguiente.

MORRIS: Yes of course. What I do in the virtual world is my own damn business. But what if we examine the meaning of “virtual?” It has been defined as “that which is not real, but has the qualities of the real.” Because the Nether is a set of virtual realms inhabited by virtual communities, one might argue that none of it is real. But when eighty percent of the population work at jobs in the Nether, most of them at office spaces rendered in the Nether, when our entire education system has been codified in the Nether, when the only way now to experience Nature is in the Nether; in short, when the Nether becomes our contextual framework for being, can you still argue that it isnʼt real?

SIMS: Yes, I can. It isnʼt real.

MORRIS: Interesting position, coming from a shade.

SIMS: Iʼm not a shade. I have a fulfilling in-world life. I have a garden. I have a wife. I keep them separate from my life in the Nether.

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