Los emojis sirven para no buscar los matices de las palabras

Para mí hay pocos placeres equiparables al de escuchar -o leer- a personas que hablan sobre el valor de las palabras desde el conocimiento y el respeto. La conversación entre los escritores Adam Valen Levinson y Morgan Parker publicada por The Paris Review es eso en estado puro. No tiene desperdicio: una prueba es la sencillez con la que distinguen los emojis de las palabras.


Well, but honestly, the flexibility of words is my whole jam. We know that words have multiple layers of meaning. And if we’re thinking about emojis as words, then the emojis, too, must have multiple layers of meaning.


They do, but the words we use and how we break up our thoughts are the product of a long evolution, not just one that has taken place over our lives as single people, but long beyond that—there are long histories to every word. When we start over—and it feels like that’s what we’ve done with emojis—it’s gonna take us a long fucking time to build what we have with words. I mean, people are already talking past each other and are not good at communicating and not good at not hearing what somebody didn’t say. We’re already not articulate enough, so much of our lives. When we start over? Man … sure emojis can have nuances, but when they replace—


But that’s the thing that is scary to me—the need to sub in and replace, instead of simply adding.


Yeah. Cause it’s an option. The emoji is an option. It used to be that I would have to find words to say to you. And because every word is full of connotations and can mean all kinds of different things, I’d have to make so many choices, especially if I don’t know you super well. Now, it’s like, Oh, shit, I can just send you a wave emoji? Tight.

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